WISET 2019 (April 2019)

Wonjin's team with Nara and Kyoungmin secured research grant from WISET. High and middle school students are welcomed to join the team and investigate AI supported learning.
장원진, WISET

Pioneer 2019 (Mar. 2019)

Jooyoung, Woojung, and Jiwon have been selected as Pioneers (INU International Internship Program)! They will be working at Germany this semester.

Excellence Award from CBrain Winter School 2019 (Jan 31, 2019)

Geunho won Excellence Award from CBRAIN Winter School 2019.
최근호, 최우수상

Research Award from KSLES 2018 (Dec 1, 2018)

Jihoon won Research Award from KSLES 2018.
한지훈, 학술상
한지훈, 학술상

Excellence Awards from EDISON 2018 (July 13, 2018)

Joonyoung, Woojung, and Jooyoung won Excellence Awards from Summer Special Program EDISON 2018.
박준영, 최우수상
곽우정, 박주영, 우수상

Excellence Awards from CBrain Winter School 2018 (Feb. 8, 2018)

Sungwoo and Wonjin won Excellence Awards from CBRAIN Winter School 2018.
조성우, 장원진, 최우수상, 우수상

Top 100 Future Technologies & Leaders Award (Dec. 19, 2017)

Professor Yongseok Yoo won Top 100 Future Technologies & Leaders Award (미래 100대 기술과 주역) from the National Academy of Engineering of Korea (공학한림원).
유용석 미래 100대 기술과 주역 공학한림원

INU Festival Open Lab (Dec. 2, 2017)

Sungwoo, Wonjin (Jang), Jooyoung, Gaeun, Jiwon, Woojung, and Wonjin (Lee) taught 32 high school students invited to the Open Lab event.
사물인터넷과 인공지능

Jiwoong won the Excellence Award (Nov. 17, 2017)

Jiwoong Hwang (second from the left in the picture) won the Excellence Award in EATED Program!
황지웅 EATED 우수상

Farewell lunch with Shuo (June 14, 2017)

Shuo is finishing up his exchange semester. We were lucky to have you in the lab! We wish you good luck for the future.
Lab lunch

Professor Yongseok Yoo spoke at the TEE Talk (May 17, 2017)

Title: Understanding neural circuits and beyond
유용석 TEE Talk

Research Themes


The brain is an information processing organ. We make use of computational tools to investigate the information processing mechanisms of the brain.

Artificial Intelligence

The brain is the ultimate "smart system." Deeper understanding of the brain will open up new areas in artificial intelligence.

Smart System Design

We design novel systems that support cognitive functions.


Principal Investigator

Yongseok Yoo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics Engineering, Incheon National University
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/ys7yoo/
Office: Room 367, Engineering Building
Tell: (+82) 32-835-8453
E-mail: yyoo[AT]inu.ac.kr

Lab Members

Wonjin Jang
M.S. student
Working on graphical models
Github: Jangwonjin
E-mail: wonjin1008[AT]naver.com
Jaerim Park
Working on sentimental analysis
Github: ParkJaeRim
E-mail: dbahck200[AT]gmail.com
Woojung Kwak
Working on autonomous driving
Github: kfriendship
E-mail: woo_jung2[AT]@naver.com
Jiwon Byun
Working on software quality control
Github: Bjunny
E-mail: wldnjs0327[AT]]naver.com
Joonyoung Park
Working on deep learning
Github: zoonyoung
E-mail: 9851248[AT]gmail.com
Dongmin Lee
Working on sports big data
Github: LeeDong-Min
E-mail: dml9504[AT]gmail.com
Youngwoo Nam
Working on deep learning
Github: yw0nam
E-mail: spow2544[AT]gmail.com
Jinho Kim
Working on deep reinforcement learning
Github: kimjinho1
E-mail: rlawlsgh8113[AT]inu.ac.kr

Graduate Courses

Probability Theory (Spring) Matrix Analysis (Fall)
  • study matrix as a linear transformation
  • textbook: Matrix Analysis, 2nd Ed., Horn and Johnson, 2012
  • prerequisite: Linear Algebra (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Courses

Pattern Recognition (Spring)
  • learn fundamental principles of machine learning and apply them to real-world data using Python
  • textbook: An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R, James, Witten, Hastie, and Tibshirani, 2013
  • prerequisite: Linear Algebra, Probability and Random Variables
  • opened for 4th year students, but 3rd year students are welcome to take!
Intro to Smart Systems (Spring)
  • design IoT services and build prototypes using Arduino
  • prerequisite: open mind
Capstone Design (Spring, Fall)
  • Make, Test, and Uprade.
  • Repeat it until you've got something very cool!
Probability and Random Variables (Fall)



Computation Tools

Design Tools